About Our Group

Corruseal. Leaders in the South African Paper & Packaging industry.

For over 40 years, Corruseal has been a pioneering manufacturer and supplier of packaging. In this time, we have grown rapidly through a combination of organic growth, acquisitions and great partnerships. With eight dedicated packaging companies in our Group, Corruseal has acquired a national footprint and become a substantial manufacturer and supplier of packaging to the South African market.

Our vision and values

Better packaging for a Better World. We are committed to remain a sustainable, innovative, service driven and world-class manufacturer of packaging.


Our management and employees will conduct our activities in an ethical, honest and transparent way.

Team Work

Together we can do more.


We will conduct ourselves in an ethical, honest and transparent manner.


We commit to respecting our natural resources, communities, partners and employees.


We are committed to our vision and all tasks and responsibilities set forth.


Unethical behaviour/fraud does not need to go unreported or undetected – the Corruseal Group has taken a bold step. It is time to proactively do something about it. Whether you, a staff member, supplier or customer know or even suspect anything about fraud, theft, corruption or contravention of company policy in your organisation, you need to act now.

How ScamStop works in your business
How ScamStop works in your business

Employee calls ScamStop

0800 203 558

Calls classified into high, medium or low risk. Reference number

info sent to Risk Advisor at WiseCall

Action and feedback

Management assesses risk and processes information

Risk advisor assesses risk level and provides info to management on calls received


  • 1964 -Seal Packaging Started in KZN
  • 1975 -Corrugated Kraft Started in KZN
  • 1982 -Acquisition of Corrugated Products
  • 1987 -Moved to new premises - Prospecton
  • 1990 -Consolidation of 3 entities into 1 - Corruseal
  • 1999 -Corruseal Eastern Cape started
  • 2002 -Metbox started
  • 2003 -Consolidated Corruseal EC and Tecnopack Eastern Cape
  • 2004 -Acquired Euro Corrugated
  • 2005 -Started Corruseal Gauteng and Rotoprint - Greenfield sites
  • 2007 -Corruseal Gauteng DWB Machine Installed
  • 2011 -Corruseal SF started - Greenfield Site Gauteng
  • 2012 -Corruseal KZN Board Machine Upgrade
    -Euro Corrugated moves into new 14000sqm facility - KZN
  • 2013 -Corruseal KZN install fully automatic palletizing and stretch-wrapping line from Avanti UK
    -New Paper Warehouse in KZN
    -Corruseal Gauteng install fully automatic palletizing and stretch-wrapping line from Avanti UK
  • 2014 -Corruseal Gauteng purchase Mitsubishi Casemaker
    -Majority Acquisition of Prima Box in the Western Cape
  • 2015 -Acquisition of Genpack and Corruseal LithoGraphics which merged into Corruseal Value Add JHB
    -Acquisition of Enstra Paper from Sappi
  • 2016 -Start-up of Corruseal Value Add Western Cape